8 Bits – Short Animated Films – www.DRDOCUMENTARY.com (Sundance 2011) [HD]

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A fight between an 8-bit superhero and a high-def boss, in a retro-gaming world.

Programmer’s Note: Assaulting the senses with dazzling visual imagery and gloriously over-the-top action, this high-octane animated adventure plays with classic video-game archetypes while simultaneously concocting its own fully rendered environment. Collectively directed by Valere Amirault, Sarah Laufer, Jean Delaunay, and Benjamin Mattern, the film displays the considerable talents of all four artists in developing an atmospheric anomaly of stylistic bravado that fashions a fight between an 8-bit superhero and a high-def boss in a retrogaming world. Much appreciated for the painstaking hard work involved as well as the fast-paced clarity of the result, “8BITS” is a welcome shot in the arm for any program. We invite you to learn more about the work of these collaborators at http://www.8bitsmovie.com/.
Video Rating: / 5

Beard Snatchers, 1954 (Early development build)

A short screen capture of the Flash based 1-Bit PixelBeard game ‘Beard Snatchers, 1954.’

Lots of features still to implement – this build was mainly testing the beam’s functionality and the associated pixel animations.

Learn more here blog.pixelbeard.com/

Cast: willfaulds

Tags: PixelBeard, pixel art, 1 bit, pixels, videogame, game, animation, flash and indie

Vimeo / Pixel Animation

Bell | WWE Assembly Line

It has been suggested that professional wrestlers may not make the best employees, even if they’re building branded product to sell to fans.*

*I’m guessing the WWE branded cell phones are not actually packaged by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Cast: Nathaniel Akin and Global Mechanic

Tags: wwe, pixel, animation, bell, ad, factory, steve austin, trish stratus and rey mysterio

Vimeo / Pixel Animation

THE SIMPSONS | LA-Z Rider Couch Gag from Guest Animator Steve Cutts | ANIMATION on FOX

Enjoy this week’s retro couch gag.

Guest Animator: Steve Cutts

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THE SIMPSONS continues to strike a chord with viewers for irreverently poking fun at anything and everything. As the longest-running scripted series in television history, THE SIMPSONS has become one of the most consistently groundbreaking, innovative and recognizable entertainment franchises throughout the world. With its subversive humor and delightful wit, the series has made an indelible imprint on American pop culture, and its family members – HOMER (Dan Castellaneta), MARGE (Julie Kavner), BART (Nancy Cartwright), LISA (Yeardley Smith) and MAGGIE – are television icons. Recently renewed for unprecedented 27th and 28th seasons, THE SIMPSONS has won 31 Emmy Awards, a 2015 People’s Choice Award and was nominated for an Academy Award in 2012 for the theatrical short “The Longest Daycare.” The series recently received five 2015 Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Animated Program. “The Simpsons Movie” was a hit feature film; the mega-attraction “The Simpsons Ride” at Universal Studios has received historic expansion updates with the addition of Springfield added to the roster; and the show was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2000. It was named the “Best Show of the 20th Century” by Time magazine, and called the “Greatest American Sitcom” by Entertainment Weekly in 2013. 

THE SIMPSONS | LA-Z Rider Couch Gag from Guest Animator Steve Cutts | ANIMATION on FOX

Rabid Retrospect Pixel Art Animation Behind The Scenes by PXLFLX

A short behind the scenes look at a short pixel art animation I made for Rabid Retrospect Games. Like, share, and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=PXLFLX

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Music: We’re the Resistors by Eric Skiff, on freemusicarchive: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Eric_Skiff/Resistor_Anthems
Creative Commons Attribution License

PXLFLX is super excited to announce that the flash alpha version of our new game Treasure Bird in Dreamland is now free to play online! Click on the links below! It will be uploaded to more sites soon!

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The Approximate Present

My graduation project at the University of the Arts Bremen in 2014.

A short animated film about the weather – inspired and informed by chaos theory and Lorenz attractors, romantic landscape paintings and the minimalist polygonal look of early computer simulations.

Music: Origamibiro – Flicker (origamibiro.com)
Watching in fullscreen is recommended!

From inception to completion, making “The Approximate Present” took me about one and a half months of full-time work.

The idea that emerged from the premise to make an animated short about the weather was rather simple: using the basic notion of chaos theory (the slightest variation in initial conditions will eventually lead to an unpredictably different outcome) as a narrative structure.

For the film’s look, I knew from the outset that I wanted it to be stylized, minimal and solid (for lack of a better term), somewhat reminiscent of early flight simulators. At the same time, I strived to convey a certain sense of place and emotion, drawing inspiration from my own experiences of various weather phenomena. The way different weather conditions can completely change the appearance and mood of a landscape has always held great fascination for me – a fascination I tried to express through the film’s images as good as I could. That’s why I spent a lot of time on the lighting, colors and post-processing. For reference, I looked at romantic paintings of landscapes and dramatic, overly saturated skies and clouds, for instance those of british painter William Turner.

Finding the right music to go with the images I envisioned was another important part of making “The Approximate Present”. After listening to what must have been hundreds of tracks, I came upon “Flicker” by Origamibiro (which they generously share on freemusicarchive.org). I immediately knew I had found the right track. Besides being a simply beautiful piece, I think it matches, or even mirrors the film’s structure really well.

For modeling and animating, I used Cinema 4D, and After Effects for additional animation, editing, color grading and post-processing. A bit of Processing was also involved in the visualization of the Lorenz attractors – the butterfly-shaped lines.

Cast: Filippo Baraccani

Tags: weather, animation, 3d, edward lorenz, lorenz attractor, butterfly effect, stylized, short film, consequences, atmospheric, rain, snow, sun, wind, storm, initial conditions, chaos theory, animated and low poly

Vimeo / Pixel Animation

Alfred Remote – control your Mac with an iPad or iPhone

At it’s most basic Alfred is an Mac app that replaces spotlight for search on OSX, but it does much more than that.  You can create hotkey controlled workflows or manage clipboard snippets.  If you add the powerpack you get even more functionality, but for me so far just the basic functions are plenty.

I noticed when I upgraded to Yosemite, spotlight is suddenly dog-slow. I’m not sure if that’s something specific to my system but its certainly interrupts my normal workflow, which is to use the search window to launch apps as well as find files.

Switching over to Alfred the speed difference was immediately noticeable. Like bicycle to rocket noticeable.

So now I use Alfred as my system search and as an app launcher, which brings us to Alfred Remote. This is an iOS app that acts as a control panel / command centre for your Mac. You can use an iPad or iPhone as an extra desktop control and set up shortcuts to all your apps and system settings.

The layout is simple yet flexible, allowing you to build panels for all sorts of controls and simply swipe through them. While Alfred Remote has not yet ranked as a necessity in my workflow, there are times when it’s very useful.

The basic Alfred app for Mac is free, but the iOS remote app will cost you about $ 5 bucks.

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