Pixel – A pixel art documentary

An 11 minute documentary exploring the merits and impact of pixel art, animation and chiptune music.

Interviews with:
Jason Rohrer, Joe Brumm and Alex Yabsley
By Simon Cottee
Music from http://8bitcollective.com/
Video Rating: / 5

18 thoughts on “Pixel – A pixel art documentary”

  1. A fine little film 🙂 I grew up with an N64, not an NES, but my recent obsession with Indie Games has really endeared pixel art to me.

  2. I am going to be completely honest. I clicked this because the thumbnail was of a song that i've been looking for for months now. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the name of that song.

  3. Cool video. Very inspirational. Subscribed! My artwork and music in the last couple of years has shifted to pixel art and chiptunes (and partial chiptunes). I have 12 music videos on my channel, all with old school style graphics. It's probably mostly the nostalgia factor for me. There's just something about it. So basic, maybe that's it. It's cool to see all the other pixel art animations in your documentary made by some amazing animators!

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