Film Learnin: NES style 8-Bit Pixel Art Animation!

Make your own NES style cartoon with this easy animation technique!
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12 thoughts on “Film Learnin: NES style 8-Bit Pixel Art Animation!”

  1. With my animation as soon as I move something slightly including the background it sort of blurs it.
    The like its been paused halfway between two frames. I can't move anything without this happening.
    I have no idea why as AE has never done anything like this before

  2. ok,first of all that's really awwwwwwweeeeeeesome tutorial,and you know what makes it more awesome??? the goddamn sprite images and all those sound effects,i fucking love it

  3. hey man, nice video.. I've been doing a similar method on sony vegas which is just scattering the sprites and just selecting the movements you need but I've been trying to do it with photos mostly. same way though, just grab a photo of whoever you're animating in the srpite motions, cut them out to a png and you're good to go. anyway, i subbed, im guessing you've got a few other videos up that wouold help out. thanks :)

  4. this tutorial really helps for making 8bit sprite animations and it also taught me how people made there own sprite characters…

  5. What would you recommend for a program like AE? For free? I tried to install the free trial but it wouldn't work! 

  6. I just recently started creating animations with AE and C4D. I really needed a fun arcadelike animation for upcoming videos on my main channel and this tutorial really helps me. Subscribed, man.
    Keep up the cool animations!

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