MENEO – PAPI (2009)

3rd Dailymotion Session Barcelona 2010
Mecal 2010, the International Short film Festival of Barcelona.
NO TABOO FESTIVAL 2009 Rio de Janeiro 4TH International Festival of Animation

*MENEO is visuals by Entter and music by Rigo Pex

Direction, Pixel Art, Animation and Compositing by Entter 2009
Plot and Music by Rigo Pex
Audio Mixed by Sodamnloud / Mastered by DJA – Mad Decent Studios

Guest Pixel Art Artists:
typography assistance and duracell battery design by Ui
flickering background by Ralp

Guest singer:
french rap by Set

Free download!!! – Meneo – Papi EP 2009

GIF Cover
MP3 Papi
MP3 Papinsky
MP3 Dubmood’s Remix
MP3 Jankenopp’s Remix

Cast: Entter

Tags: meneo, entter, papi, 8bit and pixelart

Vimeo / Pixel Animation

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