Rymdreglage – 8-bit trip

Rymdreglage - 8-bit trip

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1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them.
Rymdreglages 3rd music video
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We are rymdreglage and likes 8 bit or 8bit if your space button is broken, if it is, 8-bit is an alternative or chiptune, you can ask balalaika hero if you want a more deep diving rhetoric analyse. 8 bit trip will get an sequel not unknown as 8-bit trip 2 and it will be an lego stop motion or lego music video let us say lego animation and we hope that every one will get an idea. 8 bits is not an limitation but a another way of think more old style and fits well for a lego video or a trip video… rymdreglage terminator is not a stop motion lego but it has a zombie pace or maybe not 😛 Buy a Rymdreglage T-shirt http://rymdreglage.spreadshirt.se/

Everyone who sponsor our work by donating money on our website: rymdreglage.se will be a part of the Rymdreglage Sponsor Hall of Fame! The more you donate the higher you will rise on the list!!! And here comes the Incredible list with all our sponsors 2015-03-03:

1: Kornel Bazsika

2: Christopher Gough

3: John Soto

4: Edgar Frank

5: Christian Olow

6: Stephen Atkins

7: Marius Hooge

8: Endre Horváth

9: Arnold Maxim

10: Jan Dobritius

11: Anatoliy Shishkov

12: Gustav Åhlander

13: Martin Mayer

14: Sebastian Kreutzer

15: Jonas Bengtsson

16: Daniel Poläng

17: arjan kuil

18: Mykhael Doucet

19: Mark Sickinger

20: Florent Blanchon

21: Tomasz Slanina

22: Tom Shaked

23: Zachary Bradshaw

24: Erik Braun

25: Waldemar Karlsson

26: Keith Gaughan

27: Daniel Schwering

28: Matthew Mueller

29: Erik Hedin

30: Peter Sandell

31: Johan Koleff

32: Christian Vengels

33: Magnus Eriksson

34: David Gometz

35: Bjoern Helm

36: Alexander Karlsson

37: Indra Krishnamurti

38: Traci Hopper

39: Glenn Björckén

40: William Kemsley

41: Anders Lundqvist

42: Lars Holmgren

43: Kimmo Heimminen

44: Kristian Nilsen

45: Jason Lilburn

46: Tord Øverås

47: soichiro nakahashi

48: Matthew Mueller

49: Graham Gersdorff


51: Denis Matt

52: Cameron Mahoney

53: Sebastian Kitten

54: Sebastian Miedzinski

55: Tobias Olausson

56: Erik Nilsson

57: Patrick Mächler

58: Francisco Quesada

59: Robin Anderson

60: Andreas Hagelberg

61: Jonas Gustafsson

62: George Kapnas

63: roman gümperlein

64: Norwin Roosen

65: Yunshu Zhong

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