Pixels by Patrick Jean

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A retro arcade machine that fits in your pocket.

Years ago I built a multiple arcade machine emulator in an old Bubble Bobble cabinet.  It was a delightfully nostalgic experience, but it was also kind of big and heavy.

Not so the Tiny Arcade.

This beautiful little project comes as a kit or a fully built micro arcade cabinet. The whole thing is incredibly small and yet is completely playable with a tiny built in analog joystick and two buttons.

Screenshot 2016-01-09 13.43.04

Looks like this project is fully funded on kickstarter and they’ve started with pre-orders.

If you like the idea of assembling it yourself they sell for $ 60, while the preassembled version goes for $ 75.  Double that for the premium 3d printed cabinet.

I’d be interested to get my hands on one of these to see how ‘playable’ they actually are, but I love the idea.

These are built around Tiny Circuits super-small tinyduino platform.  To find out more check out the kickstarter page.

Tech Envy

Film Learnin: NES style 8-Bit Pixel Art Animation!

Make your own NES style cartoon with this easy animation technique!
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Chiptune music | My World by Snubber | 8bit | Pixel art

Chiptune song, made with LSDJ (Game Boy) from album Impossible Triangle. You can download full album for free and also explore 8bit pixel art on: http://www.snubber8bit.com
8bit (chip music or chiptune) music is generated with chips from old consoles, arcade games, computers etc. Most popular devices for chiptune are: Game Boy, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari…
Song copyrighted @ copyrighted.com
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Retro City Invasion (16 Bit Live Action Short Film Part 1)

BEEN WORKING ON THIS ALL SUMMER, Took about a month or 2 to make and animate and edit and do pixel art etc… Okay guys this is my last Pizzaman Production of the summer and from the highschool life. This is the story of 2 gamers who’s city suddenly gets invaded by a 16 bit race called “The Cipterians” after gaming some Dota 2. Why are they invading? Well it’s simple, The Cipterians don’t want the Modern generation to excel so they make us gamers play retro games till they take over the world. It’s up to Jon and Daniel (Yes we are using our own names haha) to stop them. Visual Effects: Took about a few weeks or so to do in After Effects, Pixel art/Cipterian concept: Daniel Pianezza made them in Photoshop (took over a month to animate), and Sony vegas was used to put the whole thing together. Hope you all enjoy and thanks Jon for helping me out with this, means alot bro! I do not own any of the rights to the music in tis video. All rights go to the composers of the songs, this is a non-profit video. BTW THIS IS JUST PART 1, I FILMED SO MUCH FOOTAGE WITH JON THAT A PART 2 WILL COME OUT CHRISTMAS. Altogether you are looking at a film around 20 or so mins long. ENJOY
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