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Chiptune song, made with LSDJ (Game Boy) from album Impossible Triangle. You can download full album for free and also explore 8bit pixel art on:
8bit (chip music or chiptune) music is generated with chips from old consoles, arcade games, computers etc. Most popular devices for chiptune are: Game Boy, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari…
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Mixel Pixel- Haze for Days- Animated music video

Music video:
Music: Mixel Pixel
Haze for Days

Part 1: Forest Babies
We were born in the forest (forest babies)
But then they cut down all the trees
(They chopped ’em down They chopped ’em down)
Now we’re living at the top of the
Chrysler Building in the lap of luxury

We were sitting by the ocean
(watching the clouds go by)
Smiling and waving at the planes
(the planes up in the sky)
Transistor radio made of coconuts and seashells in her hair
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

We were bored in the city (didn’t know what to do)
So we moved down to the lake
(for that sweet sweet lakeside view)
Now the Lake is a fake and the river’s a joke
And the trees are smoking the clouds are choking me

Let’s move out to Arizona (Arizona!)
White Sands New Mexico
(Let’s go to New Mexico)
We can truly be free with the Joshua trees
Get abducted by aliens and have their babies (baby)

Part 2: Haze for Days
If I ever lost my true love
I swear I’d go insane

Haze for days for days
Haze for days for days
I met my babe at the rave
Now we live inside this cave

Haze for days for days
Haze for days for days
I met my baby at the rave
Now we live inside this cave

Now we live inside this cave
We live inside this cave…

Part 3: Prehistoric Bird (instrumental)
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Life of Pixel – Music Video

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Jana Kirschner – Duch Mesta Official Music Video

Official Music Video for Jana Kirschner

Directed by: Andrej Kolencik & Veronika Kocourkova

Thanks to: Pjoni & Mercedes Ortego Gonzales

© 2015

Cast: Admiral and veronika kocourkova

Tags: jana kirschner, duch mesta, 8bit, sci-fi, kolencik, kocourkova, b-movie, pixels, videogame, aliens and giant

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Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Official music video, HD)

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Official music video, HD)


The official music video made by Shynola.
“Move Your Feet” is taken from the debut album D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop the Beat.

Voted #33 in Pitchforks list of the best videos of the 2000’s: “The feel-good video of the decade. Too often animated clips go for “disturbing” or “dark” when what we really want from cartoons is daredevil squirrels and dancing robots.”

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